Friday, September 12, 2008

The Basement

This is the unfinished part of our basement when you first walk down the stairs. And yes, there are spiders (just in case you were wondering).

This is going to be our craft room, but Calvin won't call it the craft room and insists on calling it the fly tying room. Right now it is just full of all my interior design stuff and an ugly fan we took down from the dining room.
Calvin calls this room "The Chokie". This is where we are going to make our kids go when they are naughty. : )

This is our family room with our big, new, and comfy sectional!

This is our computer/camping gear/guest room.
And that concludes the end of the tour!!


Cristine Garrison said...

Haha. I love the "chokie" room. so scary.

Kate said...

I LOVED THE TOUR!!! Thanks Amber, my favorite part is the chokie, but I can't wait to come see it some time :) My mom and I were talking about how we need an excuse to come... like a baby in a green room!!! Ha!

The Shepherd Family said...

awww, I remember that futon ;)Totally miss you guys!!!!

Amber Horch said...

We would love for anyone of you to come visit. But if your waiting for a baby,....don't hold your breath.

Kate said...

I just had to look at pictures of your house again, I LOVE it, so jealous!