Friday, September 12, 2008

Our House

Here it is! I know it took me a while to post pictures, but I posted TONS so hopefully that will make up for recent lack of. So for those of you who don't know about a month ago we bought a house in Idaho Falls and so far we love it!!

This is our street. It is lined with trees. I can't wait to see it in the fall when all the leaves change color!
You can kind of see some of our neighbors homes in this picture. Some of them are soooo amazing! We live in the Eleventh Street Historic District of Idaho Falls. Our house was built in 1940, so it has some really unique old features that give it so much character!

The Living Room


and After!!!
This is what you first see when you walk in the door.

I LOVE the two big windows in our front room. They let in so much natural light.

Here is our little entry and front door!

The Dining Room

and after!!
I LOVE our little dining room! The built-ins in the corners are my favorite!

The Second Bedroom

Right now this is kind of the nothing room. It is just full of boxes and pictures and books. Someday it will be a baby's room, and NO I am NOT announcing anything!!! I am just saying that someday in the future that is what it will be.
Also, notice the beautiful hardwood floors. there are wood floors throughout most of the main floor. Someday, hopefully soon, we will tear up the carpet and expose the hardwood!!!

And for the record, I did not paint this room. The lovely green will be changed!!

The Bathroom

This is our lonely bathroom. I say "lonely" because it is the only one.

It is pretty small, but we are getting use to it.

The Master Suite

Ok... so it's not quite a "suite," but we were just glad that we had room to fit our dresser and California king sized bed in it.

We haven't done anything in this room yet, but eventually I will beautify it. We will definitely be getting rid of the green carpet too!!

The Kitchen

This is the before picture. The kitchen was in pretty bad shape. The previous owner took all the wallpaper off for us, thank goodness, but the plaster walls were pretty beat up. So we smoothed out the walls, painted, and got rid of the nasty light pink and blue 90's vinyl flooring.

Here it what it looks like now! We are still finishing a few things, like the floor, and we have bought new cabinet hardware to replace the old brass ones (you can see the new ones on the upper cabinets on the left side of the picture).

Here are the new vinyl tiles that Calvin put in. They look amazing!

I love all the archways in our house. They have so much character.

Starting from the left: door to the backyard, door to the garage, exterior door to the side of the house. This was one of the reasons why we liked the house. Most older homes don't have doors leading directly to the garage and some didn't even have doors to the backyard.

We have a garage now!

The Backyard

These are some plums from a tree in our yard.

This is Calvin's man shed.

Our yard and patio!

The Basement

This is the unfinished part of our basement when you first walk down the stairs. And yes, there are spiders (just in case you were wondering).

This is going to be our craft room, but Calvin won't call it the craft room and insists on calling it the fly tying room. Right now it is just full of all my interior design stuff and an ugly fan we took down from the dining room.
Calvin calls this room "The Chokie". This is where we are going to make our kids go when they are naughty. : )

This is our family room with our big, new, and comfy sectional!

This is our computer/camping gear/guest room.
And that concludes the end of the tour!!